Strengthening the School of Management’s contribution to society through the development of a sustainability mindset

September 2021

The main challenge of the School of Management at EAFIT University was communicating many of the ongoing activities and new initiatives in connection to the SDGs to more effectively share their impact with a broader range of stakeholders.’

Ricardo Uribe, Dean of the School of Management, EAFIT University

The Business School challenge

A key challenge for the School of Management at EAFIT University is contributing to society’s sustainable development, building on the reciprocal relationship with the community and a deep commitment to nurturing integrity, critical and strategic thinking, high-quality and impactful research, and social outreach.

This challenge implies working for human progress in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) dimensions at the local, national, and global levels. 

Solutions from BGA

BGA suggested the School of Management at EAFIT University to implement the BGA’s Continuous Impact Model (CIM) and develop specific sustainability indicators. Precisely, to communicate its contributions more clearly to the following UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): quality education; decent work and economic growth; industry, innovation, and infrastructure; reduced inequalities; partnerships for the goals.

The impact

The School enhanced its communications by developing the six dimensions of the continuous impact model and incorporating specific sustainability indicators linked to the School’s strategy, activities, and initiatives.

For example, the School of Management started sharing the number and content of academic research that contributes to the sustainable development of society; the number and types of study trips and special missions carried out by students to contribute to the sustainable development of the community; and the integration of the SDGs in activities with local and international organisations. Overall, these indicators have improved the School’s accountability capabilities, facilitating communication with faculty, students, alumni, and the broader community.

Achieving the BGA accreditation has allowed the School of Management at EAFIT University to strengthen an organisational culture that contributes to society by developing a sustainability mindset in students and alumni.

A banner with the Dean of EAFIT University standing with hands crossed over supported by the wrists. There is also text which quotes the main Business School challenge and a logo of the Business School.
The School has been developing new programmes, research projects, teaching resources, and experiences that aim to create in students and alumni a lifelong commitment towards sustainability; this enables companies, NGOs, and public organisations to find in the School the motivation and support that can trigger their own contributions to the SDGs.  

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