Russian Capacity Building Workshops

The Russia Capacity Building Workshops are a series of workshops designed to support the continuous improvement of Russian Business Schools and Universities within the BGA Network by leveraging BGA’s extensive network of professionals to share, discuss, and debate best practices and ideas.

The workshops run quarterly and are designed to address the needs of the management educational market in Russia. The Capacity Building Workshop series is free to attend and is suitable to Business School and University leaders, Business School professionals and teaching faculty.

Upcoming Russian Capacity Building Workshops

Workshop Four

Date: 9 December 2021
Time: 11:00 — 13:00 (MCK)
Theme: Internationalisation of higher education — challenges, solutions, trends
Language: Russian

Olga Bakumenko, leading Analyst at the Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg.
Ekaterina Demchenko, Director of the Centre for International Cooperation GSEM, Ural Federal University.
Yuri Moseikin, Director of the Institute of World Economy and Business, RUDN University.
Larisa Taradina, Director for the Development of International Education and Cooperation, RANEPA.

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Internationalisation of higher education — challenges, solutions, trends

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