Personalise your messaging to attract and retain best-fit students in a digital age

Date: 25 February 2020
Time: 14:00 GMT

Business School prospects now expect tailored messaging and personalised and interactive experience. In this webinar, we’ll be sharing some of the key insights we have gathered from over one million peer-to-peer messages between prospects and ambassadors from across the world.

You are invited to find out how Business Schools can personalise their messaging to attract and retain best-fit students in a digital age at our free Unibuddy webinar.

The webinar will also provide practical guidance on how you can utilise real-time data to tailor your communications to your students. It will cover the following topics:

  • Using AI to understand what prospective students are discussing
  • Tailoring your communications through data-driven insights
  • Hear from the experiences of current Unibuddy partners about how they benefit from student ambassadors

Jack Craig, University Partnerships Manager, Unibuddy 

Jack is a Partnerships Manager at Unibuddy, where he works with Universities to harness the voice of student advocates and meet their various recruitment goals. Jack has an extensive Higher Education background, having spent over 10 years working for universities in recruitment, business development and programme delivery roles. 

Jack’s previous role was at London Business School, where he was responsible for building and establishing their suite of London-based experiential programmes.

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