Implementing digital assessment in Business Schools: from initial thoughts, to pilot and full rollout

Date: 3 November 2021 
Time: 14:00 – 15:00 GMT

We are on the cusp of the next digital revolution in education. 

Virtual learning environments are commonplace and widely used, but – thus far – digital assessment has generally been limited to coursework uploads and emergency measures during Covid-19 to keep students progressing. 

As institutions across the world consider how to implement a dedicated digital assessment platform, this webinar will share good practice from across the globe on how to turn initial ideas into a set of functional requirements, how to pilot a platform and lead to a full rollout that ensures both pedagogy and operational process are at the heart of your plans. 

The platform shouldn’t dictate your teaching, but nor should a past process hamper innovation. 

Find out how educators, innovators and operational staff can work together to find the right solution for you.

Students are taking an assessment, sitting on individual wooden desks with laptops on top. A person in a green top is sitting in deep thought. The student leans on the table with a satsuma and a water bottle next to the elbow.


Ishan Kolhatkar, General Manager, Inspera UK –

Ishan Kolhatkar is General Manager of Inspera UK. Prior to joining Inspera, he implemented the platform across an entire university, eliminating pen and paper exams. Ishan was a practising barrister for almost a decade before moving into education, first as a lecturer on the bar exams, then he became Deputy Dean of Learning and Teaching and finally Director of Group Education, before moving to Inspera.

He has first-hand knowledge of what faculty, administrators and senior leaders want from digital assessment, along with the digital transformation and change management required to make it happen.

About Inspera Assessment

Inspera Assessment was created to provide test takers with equal opportunities and to enable them to prove their skills in an authentic way. It empowers universities, awarding organisations, governments, municipalities and schools to deliver secure, standardised tests, open- and closed-book exams, as well as formative and diagnostics tests.

Inspera Assessment is a secure cloud-based, end-to-end assessment platform that supports your organisation’s examination cycle entirely on-screen, from initial question creation to exam delivery and collaborative marking. Along with a wide range of question types, Inspera also supports safe remote exams with advanced monitoring at a time where social distancing is important.

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