Webinar: How to put CSR at the heart of your company and maximise the business benefits

The world is at a tipping point – climate change, plastic pollution, bush fires, disappearing forests, a global pandemic and explosive conversations about diversity and inclusion. Now, more than ever, it is important for all types of businesses to have authentic corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that are not a publicity spin.

Research shows that CSR improves long-term business performance and that consumers prefer to patronise organisations with strong histories of social responsibility and are more likely to buy from companies with strong ethical values. Customers and employees are speaking with their values as well as their wallets.

Therefore, CSR is now considered a critical part of a company’s performance and reputation. In this webinar you will learn how to incorporate CSR values into a business strategy and brand. You will also understand the difference between CSR and PR. This will enable you to create strong, enduring brands, where the PR and marketing flows from the CSR values, which will benefit your employees and customers, including investors.

About the speakers

Sangeeta Waldron is a multi-award-winning Public Relations professional and runs her own London based agency, Serendipity PR & Media, working across business, arts, culture and books in growth international markets. 

She is a guest lecturer at Coventry University teaching PR, social media and global journalism, as well as global contributing editor for India CSR Network, the largest news platform on sustainable business news and CSR in India. 

Sangeeta started out her career writing speeches for a UK pime minister and politicians, and has worked at the top level with big, powerful global brands, which include the Economist Group; The Times Education Supplement; Mayor of London; Cass Business School; and charities.

An international speaker. She moderates a panel discussion for Asian Voice newspaper supporting British Asian women in business and sits on boards.

Sangeeta recently published her second business book, Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not Public Relations with LID Business Media.

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