BGA India Roadshow Events: Upgrading Business School Education

AMBA & BGA will be hosting a series of events in India, aimed at facilitating discussions that support the growth of Business School professionals in local markets.

In an age dominated by technological innovation, Business Schools are facing increasing challenges in educating a workforce fit for tomorrow’s needs. Arguments have been made that Business Schools and Universities are too slow to adapt to changing needs, and are becoming increasingly irrelevant in a market where online education providers are providing certificates and degrees at a faster and sometimes more efficient way.

The Business Graduates Association, in collaboration with SEAA Trust New Delhi, will be hosting a roadshow in India, specifically dedicated towards identifying what Business Schools need to know for the coming years, and how BGA’s membership and accreditation services can upgrade Business Schools to meet and surpass industry needs. Join us as we bring experts who will present on industry trends, BGA membership and accreditation, the potential embedded into the Indian education industry, and much more.


23 March, 2020


25 March, 2020


27 March, 2020


Andrew Main Wilson Chief Executive of AMBA & BGA

AMBA accredits 266 Business Schools in 75 countries and also provides membership to 47,000 AMBA Schools’ MBA students and graduates in 150 countries. 

Andrew was also Chairman of the United Nations PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) from 2016 to 2018. 

Andrew commenced his career with Thomson Holidays (now TUI), then the world’s largest travel tour operator. He progressed to become Marketing and Commercial Director of Thomas Cook and then Sales and Marketing Director of Citibank Diners Club. He subsequently joined the Institute of Directors (IoD) as Chief Operating Officer. 

He is an experienced Non-Executive Director (NXD), having served as an NXD on AIM-listed and entrepreneurial startup boards, in the commercial real estate and luxury sectors. 

Photographer: Felix Kunze
Assistant: Oscar May, Sam Wordie
Location: Intitute of Directors, London

Mark Stoddard

Having worked at AMBA for more than 16 years, Mark Stoddard is currently Director of Operations for AMBA & BGA, a role in which he oversees a variety of cross-functional projects. He is responsible for the design and development of the full suite of BGA services and accreditation processes, while leading the review of accreditation criteria at AMBA. 


Victor Hedenberg

Victor Hedenberg is currently the Services Manager for the Business Graduates Association at AMBA & BGA, with responsibilities lying in business development, product improvement, project management. 


Thothathri Raman

Thothathri Raman is a globally awarded quality champion in Higher Education leadership and is a well-known name in the field of higher education ideation and thought leadership in India. He is the pioneer in introducing Business School ranking in the country and also International Accreditation that is transforming B-school education in powerful ways as a chair of Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA) Trust, New Delhi .


SEAA Trust New Delhi

SEAA Trust, New Delhi is the only Global Accreditation Advocacy & Advisory service in the world that has been bringing together all the accreditation agencies on the same platform year on year since 2008. SEAA has helped set standards for Global accreditation advocacy and support in India to improve business education standards in the country.

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