BGA Continuous Impact Model Workshop

Using BGA’s Continuous Impact Model to measure, evaluate, and improve stakeholder impact

7 July 2021

15:00 – 16:30 BST

Join accreditation experts in this free workshop focused on the BGA Continuous Impact Model (CIM), an integral tool in the BGA accreditation process. 

In this workshop, attendees will discover how the CIM serves as a way for Business Schools to measure and evaluate their impact during the development stage of the accreditation process. Further, attendees will learn how the CIM encourages Business Schools to develop impact metrics that follow various frameworks, an example of which, highlighted in our CIM guidelines.

Due to the nature of impact metrics, and how the CIM helps build these, Business Schools require a thorough understanding of the CIM’s workings to be successful in the development stage. The workshop is ideal for Business School professionals who are:

  • considering undergoing BGA accreditation
  • BGA member or validated Schools preparing for BGA accreditation
  • seeking an understanding of the role of BGA accreditation as a quality assurance mechanism for Business Schools
  • seeking an in-depth understanding of BGA accreditation.

The workshop content will answer the following questions: 

  • How many of the CIM’s dimensions should the School focus on? 
  • How many impact metrics should the School develop?
  • How do the impact metrics relate to the Business School’s key objectives?
  • Where in the impact metric framework should the School provide quantitative metrics vs qualitative metrics?
  • How many years of data should the impact metrics rely on?
  • What does a successful impact metric look like?
  • What are some ways to simplify the impact metrics to keep them coherent and not disorganised with unnecessary data?
  • What are some things to avoid in terms of creating and measuring impact metrics?
  • What qualifies a Business School’s impact metrics as good enough to proceed towards the assessment stage?
  • How can BGA mentors support the Business School in the creation of impact metrics? 
  • How should the impact metrics be presented to the BGA International Accreditation Accreditation Board?

Meet the speakers

Mark Stoddard
Director of Accreditation & Director of BGA Services, AMBA & BGA

Professor Philip McLaughlin
Former Founding Co-Dean and Executive Director of KEDGE Business School

If you have any questions about BGA accreditation, please contact

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