BGA Business School Impact Award

The BGA Business School Impact Award 2022-23 is open to BGA member, validated, and accredited Schools which can demonstrate their impact on all stakeholders, alongside BGA’s vision and Charter.

This award is an excellent way to celebrate and reflect on the positive impact that your Business School is exerting on students and graduates, your communities and the economy as a whole.

By validating how positive impact, continuous improvement and responsible management have enhanced the stakeholder experience, Business Schools will have the opportunity to showcase how they are contributing to the betterment of society using both quantitative and qualitative analysis of activities, initiatives and/or programmes.

This award promotes the values of positive impact, innovation, responsible management and lifelong learning across areas such as programme design, social outreach programmes, alumni relations, careers services and other areas where the Business School is demonstrating an impact.


BGA member, validated and accredited Business Schools are invited to nominate why they think they are eligible based on the Award Criteria

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Award Criteria

Your nomination could be based on an innovative programme design that has sustainability embedded throughout, an alumni relations programme that is built around returning support and investment in to the local economy, curriculum design that impacts salary outcomes for graduates, employer relations activities that support principles of responsible management and lifelong learning, or any other aspect of running your Business School which you feel is particularly ground-breaking and impactful and should be rewarded for its ingenuity and creativity. 

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AMBA & BGA welcome entries showing:

  • Growth, development and transformation
  • Building connections with value
  • Continuous improvement, impact, innovation and excellence
  • Engagement, support, value, sustainability
  • Curriculum and programme design
  • Careers services
  • Other areas with significant impact
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Judges will be looking for evidence that:

  • The entry is innovative and impactful, with quantitative and qualitative measurement of impact.
  • The market has responded to the initiative.
  • The activities have been running for between six months and two years (i.e. at least three months since launch/ roll out, but in operation for not longer than two years), and that there is an established feedback loop and plans for continually improving the activities.
  • The campaign will enhance the reputation of business programmes and our member, validated and accredited Schools. 


  • Ineligible entries may be disqualified at any phase of the competition without notification
  • Late submissions will be ineligible
  • Incomplete submissions will be ineligible
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Judging format

Shortlisted Schools will be required to provide a School biography, logo (jpeg and eps), and answers to why they should win this award which we will use for marketing purposes.  

No further steps required from Schools, following being shortlisted – judges select winners.  

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