Meet our speakers 

Here you can meet the speakers at this year’s AMBA & BGA Accreditation Forum. Read a speaker’s biography by clicking on the arrow underneath their photo.

Michele O’Dwyer

The MBA Director, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick and speaker of AMBA & BGA Accreditation Forum grinning. The MBA Director has red hair and wears black eyewear, also dressed in a black top with a white cardigan with black trimmings.

Victor Hedenberg

The Business Development Manager of BGA grinning and wearing a pale purple shirt, teal coloured tie and a dark grey blazer.

Mark Stoddard

The Director of Accreditation & BGA Services smiling dressed in a smart striped pale blue and white shirt and a black blazer.

Andrew Main Wilson

A black and white photograph of the CEO of AMBA & BGA smiling and smartly dressed.

Joe Pilkington

Black and white photograph of the Accreditation Manager at AMBA & BGA smartly dressed and poised.

Sherif Kamal

The Professor of Management, Dean of the School of Business at the American University in Cairo and speaker for AMBA & BGA Accreditation Forum, is grinning. The Dean wears clear oval glasses and is dressed in a smart white shirt, navy blue blazer, and a navy blue tie. The outfit is accompanied by a burgundy handkerchief emerging from the left pocket.

Leila Triki

Black and white photograph of the Dean, Mediterranean School of Business (MSB) grinning. The Dean has long straight hair, half up and half down, wearing a thin chain around the neck and wearing a V neck patterned top.

Markéta Dianová

The Executive Director, Faculty of Business Administration, Prague University of Economics and Business and speaker from the AMBA & BGA Accreditation Forum smiling. The Executive Director has medium length brown hair with brown eyes, wearing a bright red outfit with dangling oval-shaped earrings.

Mikko Laukkanen

Mikko image

Yolanda van der Westhuizen

Yolanda van der Westhuizen, the Accreditation Manager, University of Stellenbosch Business School and speaker for AMBA & BGA Accreditation Forum.

Bethan Jones-Davies

The Service Quality Manager, The University of Liverpool Management School and speaker from the AMBA & BGA Accreditation Forum smiling. The Manager has long, straight, medium brown hair and is wearing a black and white polka dot outfit with a pendant around the neck.

Sara Isabel Marín-Zapata

Corinne Peiffert, Director of Studies, Global BBA, ESSEC Business School.

Luis Torras

Jeffrey Petty

Jeffrey Petty

Sankar Sivarajah

Sankar Sivarajah, Head of the School of Management at the University of Bradford.

Julien Manteau

Julien Manteau, Associate Dean for Communication, Marketing and Development NEOMA Business School

David Woods-Hale

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