Our Vision

Business schools continue to face tremendous challenges. The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, with fresh disruptive innovations and new technologies redefining how people work and communicate. The business landscape is becoming ever-more competitive, forcing organisations to compete on a global scale, while attempting to be more socially responsible.

This dynamic backdrop calls for fierce business talent, leaders and managers who are ready to tackle the needs of the economy for today and tomorrow. This provides a unique opportunity for business schools in terms of creating, nurturing and developing leaders, but keeping ahead of the curve and pre-empting future demands is no easy task.

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BGA's Vision is to be the Leading Global Movement for:

  • Positive Impact
  • Responsible Management
  • Lifelong Learning

Business schools play a vital role in preparing students for future employment; by giving them the tools and skills to succeed in their professional lives. And while this is a vital aspect of a business school, BGA believes that schools also need to focus on the personal growth of students. This includes the cultivation of social skills, ethical behaviour, self-confidence, and humility, all of which form the foundation to socially conscious and responsible leaders.

BGA believes it can play a significant part by providing both business schools as well as students and graduates the necessary guidance for self-improvement and continuous learning. BGA rests its key principles on more than 50 years of experience from the Association of MBAs, which accredits the top 2% of MBA programmes in the world, as well as industry professionals who have decades of experience in both business and education.

BGA’s mission is to ensure that business schools innovate and venture beyond conventional means of teaching, where the impact and results of that teaching are stressed in our quality assurance process.

Likewise, we position our learning platform for student and graduates to support their professional growth, forming a powerful international network in which:

Leaders Never Stop Learning

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