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About the Business Graduates Association

The Business Graduates Association (BGA), part of AMBA & BGA, is a London- based international membership and quality assurance body for world-leading and high-potential business schools, which can trace its roots back to its founding in 1967. BGA schools share their commitment to responsible management practices, lifelong learning, and delivering positive impact for business school stakeholders.

BGA aims to ensure that business schools innovate and venture beyond conventional means of teaching; as such, the impact and results of that teaching are stressed in our quality assurance process.

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Our Vision

BGA's vision is to be the leading global movement for:

  • Positive Impact
  • Responsible Management
  • Lifelong Learning

We believe we can play a significant part in preparing students for future employment and supporting their personal growth by providing both business schools as well as students and graduates the necessary guidance for self-improvement and continuous learning. BGA rests its key principles on more than 50 years of experience from the Association of MBAs which accredits the top 2% of MBA programmes in the world, as well as industry professionals who have decades of experience in both business and education.


Find out more about BGA products and services

  • Quality assurance services, such as validation and accreditation, delivered to business schools and similar institutions, aimed at continuous improvement and positive, measurable impact to increase a business school’s credibility and influence.
  • Consultation and mentorship services to business schools, helping to improve their marketing & admissions, programme design, alumni interaction, teaching methods, and career development services.
  • Award-winning international events for business school professionals, aimed at promoting in-depth discussions about the future of business education, current challenges, and potential solutions.
  • Student & graduate membership, which includes professional development tools, global networking events, exclusive access to student and graduate-focused Business Impact articles and much more.
  • Access to leading, award-winning content on responsible management, professional and personal growth, and influence via the Business Impact content hub.

The impact of BGA membership reaches far and wide. Business schools can become future pioneers for sustainable business education in responsible management, positive impact and lifelong learning.

While many accreditation bodies are prescriptive in nature, BGA focuses instead on positive impact. This leads to a more consultative process, where schools can improve in areas such as economic significance, improved stakeholder management and strategic alignment, a desirable image, and the path towards internationalisation.

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    Our History & Heritage

    In London, on 24 November 1967, eight UK based business school graduates decided to launch the Business Graduates Association.

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    Meet the Team

    Meet the individuals behind both the Business Graduates Association and the Association of MBAs.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Find out everything you need to know about BGA in our FAQs section. Get in touch if you can't find what you're looking for.

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